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Could Cider Vinegar, famed for dressing up salads and making glassware sparkle, help with Arthritis, indigestion and sciatica?

Certainly our customers rave about it. Here are some of the letters we have received:


Despite knowing the full benefits of ACV and advocate its use to friends and family, I’ve personally been avoiding using ACV in my water for a little over 5 years. I tried many varieties and eventually gave up trying to drink ACV in water due to my stomach’s negative responses. 

My health needs are such that once again I find myself reluctantly looking at ACV in meeting those needs. I bought in 500 mls of Ostlers Cider Vinegar in January 2012, from a local retailer nearby to where by brother lives in Devon, and only just managed this month, May 2012, to bring myself to try drinking it with water. Well....what a difference! I have found it smooth, palatable and dare I even say almost sweet tasting! My stomach loves it, I love it and I anticipate my health improving by 100% along with the huge positive mental adjustment, the joy, that only improved health can bring.

I am going through the 500 mls really fast so please expect an order very soon.

M Ribeiro

I would like you to know that my Mum has been taking Ostlers cloudy cider vinegar since 15 September and feels a lot better and she hopes she will be quite rid of her pains soon!

Cheryl Marsden-McGlynn

I originally bought ACV for weight loss/appetite suppression as I am on pain medication that increases my appetite. At first it wasn't working but now it seems to be taking effect. Another, and unexpected, effect has been a reduction in pain. I know it is supposed to help with pain but I really didn't see how that could work. I had to give up my daily walks because of the pain of a slipped disc, for which I am awaiting spinal surgery, and my weight was creeping up. I am now able to walk again! I can't walk as far or as fast but I am greatly impressed by the difference. Also I don't have the horrible painful spasms I used to have. The only thing I have done differently lately has been to take ACV. I have recommended it to my father (who had an accident at work years ago) and he is going to try it too, hence me requiring two bottles this time. I shall be recommending it to everyone else I know too!


Just to say I've had other cider vinegars and yours is by far the BEST.

G McKay

Hi there

Just a note to complement apple cider vinegar, after having problems with acid/reflux I decided to take apple cider vinegar mixed with water or apple juice and a dash of bicarbonate of soda.

After trying various brands I found Ostlers Cider Vinegar my favourite and I use it regularly and can still enjoy the odd choc bar!

Elkie Brooks

I have known Peter Hartnoll for many year's we use to frequent his shop in Lynton when we lived in Woody Bay.

It's wonderful what he has achieved with Ostler's Cider Vinegar. I would recommend it to anyone who care's about fighting off body toxin's and wants to look good and feel better.

My favourite has to be a tablespoon of Ostlers Cloudy vinegar first thing in the morning, I find the Apple Cider great in salad dressing's and certain dish's I cook and I'm partial to a drop of Scrumpy Cider when I want to unwind.

You just have to try this.


J H Lebof

The first 500ml bottle really appears to have helped my mums aches and pains in her knees.

Kev Allcock

Thank you so much for the brilliant Apple Cider Vinegar we recently received. We have only recently (last 3 months) come across ACV, and having lived with Osteoarthritis most of my life, it has been an absolute wonder!

The Ostlers ACV is SOOOOO much nicer to take, I mix it with Manuka Honey, and what used to be a queasy chore, is now a heck of a lot more pleasant!

I wish you continuing success, and am doing all I can to educate and promote ACV to anyone and everyone I encounter!

Stephanie Blandford

Many thanks for your delivery. I just want to say how impressed I am. I ordered on Sunday morning and received my parcels at 12 noon in France the following Wednesday!

Once again, thank you for your excellent service.

Ray Alldis

I e-mailed you earlier in the year informing you how much better my arthritis was since taking your Honeygar for a few months. I have now been using it for nearly a year and I feel great, the pain has been gone for a few months now.

But one significant thing is that since taking it I have had no chest infection. As I suffer from emphysema 3 or 4 times a year I would have to see my doctor for medication to help. This year I have not had to go because my chest has been clear. I take Honeygar 3 times a day and I love it.

Peter Bache

Order arrived this morning 10.00 am Tuesday 17/8/10. Order last sunday.

Excellent service. Looking forward to your product quality matching your customer service.

Many thanks

Anne Moore

Last year I started getting pains in my hands, especially when gardening in the winter. When the pains spread to my knees and toes, I felt life was becoming somewhat restricted.

A visit to my Doctor produced little help except the offer of pain killers. Then I read Margaret Hill’s Book "Curing Arthritis the Natural Way".

Previously, I had bought clear apple cider vinegar at the local health food shop which had no effect on me.

Then I decided to try the real cider from Ostlers. I took 3 tablespoons morning and evening and could not believe the pains in my fingers disappeared within 24hrs! By day 5 the swelling in my knees (noticeable for years) had also gone.

I am now pain free, able to resume gardening, rambling, kayaking and cycling. In fact I feel a very fit and healthy 68 year-old going on 30!! Thank you Ostlers, you have turned my life round.

Yours very sincerely

Maggie Honey

To you all at Ostlers,

I can't thank you enough for your marvellous Honeygar!

I bought some whilst on holiday in Devon and have taken it every day now for a week - the difference in my health is amazing!

Having suffered with a dry, sore throat and loss of voice for over 6 months, to have my voice back has made such a tremendous difference (both to me and my husband!!!)

Thank you once again for this fantastic product - I shall be recommending it.

Kind regards


I have a slight Hiatus Hernia which resulted in symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux. Having taken apple cider vinegar regularly for a few months these symptoms of indigestion have almost completely disappeared. I have not taken any over the counter indigestion tablets for weeks.

BD, Scotland

Your Cider Vinegar is without doubt the best on the market.....I suffer from severe digestive problems and the difference in just over a week is amazing.


Don Cooper

Having read your article in "Taste of Britain" on the benefits of cider vinegar for joint pain sufferers (arthritis), I thought you would be interested to know of my own results after taking the cider vinegar and honey combination after only one week.

I have had back into groin then frequently down my thigh pain for two years, my doctor went in the direction of hip joints, giving rise to referred pain else where, I have had all drugs he could give me to no effect, in frustration he asked our hospital pain relief clinic to try and help me, the first visit to them confirmed it was nerves trapped in my lower back, after two spaced facet block injections with only 24-hours relief instead of 3 to 4 months normal, I am now awaiting lower back nerve denervation, sometime in the new year, (NHS).

All this time I am in pain, especially in the morning till about 11-00 am, it was one week ago that my wife read out your comments on cider vinegar and honey for joint pain, I started on Monday this week, and did not expect it to work as my problem is with nerve endings, the next morning I noticed less pain than normal, with day by day improvements I now find it a lot easier to walk, and as at today Saturday I am only stiff in the morning, without the pain I have got used to living with. ALL THIS AFTER ONLY ONE WEEK ON CIDER VINEGAR. At this stage I am the best I have been in two years, I wonder how I will feel after another few weeks... I feel that it is like taking a magic potion, WELL DONE.

Patti from lacetoleather.com

I started using natural apple cider vinegar for general health. I soon noticed that most of my gray hairs went back to their natural color, which was an unexpected surprise. After a month or two, I realized that the severe arthritis pain in my hips, knees and thumbs was gone. When I forget the vinegar for a few days, the pain does come back, so I have to credit the vinegar for its absence.

The most remarkable difference I found since taking natural apple cider vinegar is in my hearing. I wore two hearing aids for years and had bad hearing and read lips for many years before that. My hearing aids are no longer needed, and my hearing is now better than it was when I was a teenager. (There are different types of hearing loss, and I don't know if every type would be helped by cider vinegar.)

Patricia McDonagh

Please send me another twelve bottles of your wonderful cider vinegar, since taking it two or three times a day. I have never had an attack of gout. I thought I would be taking medication for the rest of my life, but have not taken a prescribed tablet for over 6 months, I have shared my vinegar with friends who had asked for your details as they are amazed how their pain has improved or gone, one lady told me, "many people will pray for you". Thank you so much.

Bill Hill - from the Margaret Hills Clinic

Claims Ostler's Cider Vinegar to be amongst the best they have had.

Gary Small

I started taking the ACV about two weeks ago as I suffer with arthritis in my knees and I have noticed a huge difference in the reduction of pain. I would just like to say a BIG thank you for it.



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